About Us

  • KinBio is a rapidly growing biopharmacetucical company based in Rehovot, Israel, with its main focus on developing needed therapies as well as offering a wide range of CDMO services – from concept to product.
  • KinBio’s main focus is to pursue opportunities in the global pharmaceutical market. Augmented by a global group of affiliated companies, Kinbio specializes in research, development, manufacturing and commercialization of biopharmaceutical products.
  • Kinbio’s commitment to top standard quality is inherent across the entire global organization, from our FDA approved cGMP sites to our state of the art research and development laboratories in pursuit of life-changing and life-saving medications.
  • Our success is driven by global reach that combines large fully fledged manufacturing capabilities with focused clinical and regulatory strategy, enhanced by a worldwide marketing network.

Our Team

The team at KinBio are key for our success, driven by the desire to serve patients and partners towards improving human health. The talented team have gained their knowledge and expertise over their careers and help us fulfill our goals to help people live better, healthier lives – as well as realize their own potential. We are committed to the growth, development and engagement of our team as a means of best serving our partners and contributing to the organization’s missions.

Gila Meles Cohen

Head of Finance

Adi Vider

Head of Operations

Nitzan Levy

General Manager

Yehudit Dolizky

Head of Analytics

Dror Melamed