Our Capabilities

Rooted in our decades of experience in the biomed industry, we have developed a large portfolio of technologies for the manufacturing of generic versions of complex drugs and biosimilars.


The technological platforms we built and optimized over the years, enable us to cope with the most challenging processes and products.  Our expertise draws from years of independent in house development of multiple biological products, which are successfully commercialized.

The modern R&D laboratories house a variety of process development equipment and a wide range of analytical instruments, enabling the efficient development from the very early stages to pilot scale production. We have a proven track record of developing innovative products, biosimilars and complex generics, with new process solutions, novel assays and analytical methods along with ingenious troubleshooting. 


Our technological capabilities include profound knowledge in working with different host cells and expression systems,  media optimization to control efficient protein expression and modify glycosylation patterns, improving protein purification steps and in-depth protein characterization. 


This all results in increased yields of highly-active products, making our processes competitive and yielding consistent product quality.



KinBio’s manufacturing plant consists of 2,000 sqm of separate suites for the manufacturing of multi-product biologics bulk drug substances (BDS) and chemical synthesis active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). The plant is equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment that enables us to meet the needs of the global pharmaceutical industry.



Biopharmaceuticals facility

  • KinBio’s biopharmaceutical manufacturing suite is based on multiple bioreactors of different scales, capable of batch and fed-batch operations and is compatible with commercial scale downstream. It is designed to yield substantial annual BDS quantities of multiple products and it is expandable to enable future growth.
  • The production suite is equipped with an automated, cutting-edge perfusion bioreactor system for the production of hard-to-express recombinant proteins.
  • Our FDA-approved sterile finished dosage form production plant is design for fill and finish of the drug products including pre-filled syringes, multiple-dose injection systems, lyophilized or liquid vials.

Complex Generics facility

  • Our chemical synthesis manufacturing line is equipped with new, tightly controlled equipment that enables us to manage sensitive processes and applying process analytical technology (PAT) online to control critical process parameters (CPP).
  • The production suites also houses process equipment that makes possible the production of large quantities of highly delicate and complex materials.